eGlu Home Automation Sensor Monitor LV (SMLV)

eGlu Smart Home Automation Sensor Monitor LV

Smart and  Low Cost, Wifi, RF, Zigbee, Z-wave enabled Smart Home Automation Solutions. Let's you Control Home Lighting, Electronic  and Electrical Devices from anywhere & anytime. Made in India.

Sensor Monitor is designed to convert an existing low power sensor like Motion Glass Break Sensor etc. into a wireless sensor. The only requirement is that the wired sensor should have an ‘NO/NC’ trigger. SMLV can be powered from the same DC source which is powering the sensor, mostly a battery. SMLV can monitor three ‘NO/NC’ Inputs. ‘NO’ connection is recommended as it increases the battery life. 
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eGlu smart Home Sensor Monitor LV


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Technical Details

Power Input                          : 4.5V-18V DC / 50mA Max
Operating Temperature         : 00C to 450C
Wireless Protocol                  : WiZN’s GluTM
Dimensions                           : 22 X 40 X 5 mm
Weight                                 : 10 grams
Color                                    : Black 

Manufacturer Information

Model No: EGSMO2N
SKU No: EG-020-1-01-0-N
Warranty: One year limited warranty

What’s in the box

eGlu Sensor Monitor LV
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